Getting the Most out of Your Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance

While Pennsylvania law doesn’t require you to purchase Pennsylvania homeowners insurance from someone like this, it’s still a good idea. If a catastrophic event happened to your home, your home and your possessions would be covered. And while it’s true that state law in Pennsylvania doesn’t require you to purchase homeowner’s insurance, your lending company might. There are several basic types of homeowner’s insurance available to you that are provided by so many insurance companies. That’s why it’s important that you inform yourself about these types of policies and research Pennsylvania homeowners insurance quotes so that you get the most out of your homeowner’s insurance.

Basic Coverage Options

To begin with, there are 4 types of homeowner’s insurance policies that are offered to residents of Pennsylvania : Basic, Broad, Special, and Older Home. The Basic Form is exactly what its name implies; it covers the home from loss or damage from various causes such as fire or theft. These policies usually contain provisions for covering your household possessions, as well. In addition to the causes of loss or damage covered by the Basic, the Broad form also covers building collapse and damage caused by freezing. The Special Form continues to build on the Broad Form and includes damage from hot water or steam ruptures. The final form offered to homeowner, the Older Home Form, is offered to homeowners who have trouble purchasing the other three forms for an older home with less coverage for theft.

Other Considerations

Flood damage isn’t covered by any of the above mentioned policies. If you’re looking for flood insurance, you’ll need to ask about a specific policy for that when looking for Pennsylvania homeowner’s insurance quotes. Garages are usually covered for a percentage of the value of the house. Your homeowner’s insurance also covers your possessions, usually valued at 50% of the insurance value.

Tips for Getting Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance Quotes

To help you get the most out of your Pennsylvania Homeowners insurance, you’ll want to know how much coverage you’re looking to purchase. When you ask for quotes, read everything you can about it. Know your rights and responsibilities. Know about any exceptions or additional coverage. Consider deductible options and how they affect your premium. Ask about discounts for things like having smoke detectors or alarm systems installed. Look for customer reviews. If you have any questions regarding Pennsylvania homeowners insurance in Pennsylvania, you can also call the Pennsylvania Insurance Department’s hotline.

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